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How does .nyc change the NYC industry’s playing field?

Great examples of industries taking full advantage of .nyc domain names are real estate and coworking spaces. The above image shows how even the world’s gathering of the New York City real estate community has used the .nyc domain to effectively create a clear and precise message in their domain RealEstateTechWeek.nyc.

Kyle Jekielek, licensed real estate salesperson of FearlessAgent.nyc, says that the domain is new and fresh and stands out more in comparison to the typical .com.

“My specialty is in [New York City]. The domain name drives home that point and builds confidence in the client.”

– Mr. Jekielek, Corcoran NYC Real Estate Agent

Instead of having a domain name that includes NYC with .com (e.g. fearlessagentnyc.com), Mr. Jekielek’s FearlessAgent.nyc shortens the URL, which makes it immediately more professional, cleaner, and catchier, and therefore more appealing to potential renters and buyers. Not to mention Google also prefers to rank sites with crisper, shorter URL names.

The uniqueness behind the domain online adds a New York flavor to the business in real life, which is vital in an industry as wide and competitive as real estate. A .nyc premium name would offer potential clients the immediate credibility of a real estate company in New York based on the name alone. ”If your company owns RealEstate.nyc, you command everyone’s attention,” said Mr. Jekielek.

By going to ownit.nyc, you can search for a domain name of your choice and purchase it via various registrars. If there is a more premium domain name that you’re looking to own, make sure to be present for the online auction beginning at 2 pm on October 24th.

Pick up your own pot of gold with a premium .nyc domain, going to the auction block for the first time!



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